Ericson's Photography | Sports Prices

Sports photography is our specialty!  We handle sports photography different than our other services.  We don't charge you a fee for photos.  Here is what we ask for in exchange:

  • Be able to list photos on our website to sell.  (We realize this may not always be an option.)
  • Be able to hang a banner with our information on it.   (We realize this may not always be an option.)
  • If you have a program or advertising material, that you list us or our logo in it.
  • We do give the coach or organizer of the event some of the photos full size with no watermarks to be able to use them how you see fit.
  • We ask that if you post any of our photos, that you post them with our small watermark on them.

*If your are not located in Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado or Western Nebraska we may ask for a traveling fee.*